Student Massage

You can request that your massage be focused on relaxation and stress reduction, to assist in rehabilitation of tense areas, or to address long-held tension patterns.

Massage takes place in a private room with adjustable lighting and soothing music to enhance your experience. The session includes a thorough interview and a few minutes for closure after your massage.

Only all-natural and organic products are applied in all our treatments. Any of our massage therapies can be combined with SensAbility skin care services or spa body treatments to provide the ultimate in relaxation and therapeutic pampering.

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Your Wellbeing

A full range of affordable, restorative massage services.


30 Minute Chair Massage


60 Minute 



90 Minute 



120 Minute 



Buy 3 60-Minute Sessions, get 1 free

* All student massage therapy sessions are part of our training program. Student therapists will conduct a 10-minute interview prior to beginning your service.  Instructors are on hand to observe a portion of the interview process and to evaluate student performance during the session.  When they choose to demonstrate a technique or give feedback, they are mindful of your comfort. Student appointments are very popular. Book early to reserve your space.